Louis Comfort Tiffany was the son of Charles Tiffany, founder of Tiffany and Company Jewelers and he chose to form his own company, Louis C Tiffany Co to focus on interior renovation and design.   Although he is most famous for his stained glass designs and fabrication, Mr. Tiffany also worked with many other materials including, mosaics, lighting, and furniture.   His stained glass innovations included creating opalescent glass, drapery glass  and using a layering technique to create a more 3 dimensional and richer color to his artwork.   Unlike traditional medieval stained glass artists, Tiffany usually only painted the faces and other skin areas of his figures, and used his special glass designs for the remainder of the window designs.

 Tiffany stained glass

 Tiffany, LeFarge  and other historic stained glass works of art, need a true expert for their preservation and restoration.   These ir-replaceable works of art, are not only incredibly valuable, but are also far more complex than many other stained glass designs.    Some Tiffany windows may have multiple layers of stained glass, which give the glass the incredible depth of color but makes the dis-assembly and re-assembly very difficult.

Our stained glass studio, Bovard Stained Glass Studio, have a full team of historic stained glass restorations experts, and we have won a number of preservation awards for our previous expertise in Tiffany and LeFarge restoration projects.

As with all preservation work, no matter who the artist, it is imperative to save all of the original art work, unless it is completely beyond repair.   In addition, any restoration work should be non permanent to avoid altering a work of art.

At left is the Tiffany Angel stained glass window we completed for St Luke's UMC in Dubuque, IA.    The images below help to show the remarkable beauty after our work was completed.

                 Before Restoration                                       After Restoration


 Tiffany stained glass


Below are a number of images from other Tiffany and LeFarge Stained Glass restoration projects our studio has completed.   Each project was handled with the same exceptional skill and care to preserve these works of art in stained glass to reflect their original beauty and to be certain they are available to be admired by many generations to come.


LeFarge stained glass   LeFarge Stained glass


                             Tiffany stained glass                 Tiffany stained glass                Tiffany stained glass