Egan's Church Furnishings and Restorations have the experience you need to work on historic Tiffany, LeFarge, Charles Connick, Zettler, Mayer and other Ir-replaceable works of stained glass artwork.  Many companies like to claim they have repaired these extremely complex windows, but our team has the proven experience.

Egan's stained glass restoration    Egan's stained glass restoration

Louis C. Tiffany " Angel window"   and "Job window"  at St Luke's UMC. Dubuque, IA.

Our team recently helped St Luke's Episcopal Church in East Greenwich, RI with correcting previous repairs to their John LeFarge window.   In 1967, vandals threw a candlestick through this priceless work of art.   Unfortunately, the studio hired to make the repairs back then, chose to simply paint new pieces of glass "that looked nice" and were not what the window originally looked like.  Our team during a recent project to completely relead this window, advise the vestry of this mistake the they voted to research what the window was originally.  Our team removed the painted glass and using photos, created a multiple plated window to recreate the original.

 Egan's stained glass repair  Egan's stained glass repair

                                Left photo - before:   Painted pieces of glass were installed during the spot repair in 1967 to fill the area between the waist and feet where vandals smashed the window.   Although the painting work is nice enough looking, the repair work altered "a historic work of art".     John LeFarge's original design used almost no painted glass, but instead used textured glass and opalescent glass, with multiple layers of plating to give the image a "3D" effect.

                                       Right photo -after:  Our team advised the parish vestry of the alteration and with their permission, our artists recreated the plated glass using photos and historic files of the church's stained glass windows.   It is imperative for any repair work not to change the artists original work.  Every effort should be made to save the original work and if glass is missing, new glass should match the original artists concept.

 Egan's stained glass repair     Egan's stained glass repair  Egan's stained glass restoration  Egan's stained glass repair Egan's stained glass restoration

Our team then restored the other 5 chancel windows at St Luke's (above photos) which had become bulged from unvented protective coverings and old age. 


      Egan's Church Restorations offer all clients a free inspection of your stained glass.  Some firms charge large fees, but we offer this service free of charge.   We will visit your church or synagogue and inspect each window, inside and out.  We will then bring to your attention any issues of concern.

     Many times during this inspection, we find simple maintenance issues such as putty work and painting or stuck ventilators that your staff can probably address.  However, we also sometimes find more serious issues such as bulging, cracked glass or damaged frames.  If we find these types of issues, we will create a budget for you to use to help get the fundraising efforts started.

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