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Egan's Church Furnishings and Restorations have a full team of stained glass experts to help any church, synagogue or institution with proper technique in restoring almost any type of stained or leaded glass window.   In addition, we have a full frame repair team to address any exterior problems such as rotted wood frames, rusted steel vents or damaged double hung window sashes.  

Egan's stained glass repair   Egan's stained glass restoration  Egan's stained glass repair

Above photos:    St Joseph's Church,  Babylon, NY (Long Island). 

Our team restored all the stained glass windows in the church and repaired all the damaged wood frames and installed new protective coverings with a built in ventilation system to insure that moisture will not build up between the layers of glass which causes wood rot and oxidation of the lead matrix in the window.    Exterior photos below.

 stained glass protective covering  stained glass frames

In the photo at left, the discolored lexan protective coverings were trapping moisture between the layers of glass which caused wood rot in the sill and other sections of the frame.  Our team removed the old lexan, repaired the damaged wood using epoxy consolidation,  sanded and painted the frames.  We then installed our patented perimeter frame with built in vent openings with new plexiglass protective covering (plexiglass does not discolor).