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            Egan’s Church Furnishings  is a family owned business that has been offering only the finest quality church furniture for 25 years.   Our product line includes numerous “standard model” church pews, chairs,  cushions and sanctuary furniture, while still offering the custom capacity to meet your needs.

Not all pews are created equal.    Choosing high quality pews that will have great durability can be a confusing task.  Looking at pictures in a catalog, can make all pews look the same.  “ A pew is a pew” is a comment we hear frequently, but this is very inaccurate.   Due diligence and research are needed to find the right pew construction for your worship site.

Radius (curved) pews

Straight pews

Mitered pews (angled)

        Your research should start by deciding first, which type of pew would best fit your building and worship style.  

Radius Pews:   A “pie shaped” or “half moon” shaped building” is an excellent place to use the radius pew layout.  Not only will the curved pews allow for maximum seating capacity but will provide a much warmer “communal” or neighborly feeling.    In addition, curved pews offer a better sight line to your pastor or rabbi during services.    Curved pews, just like all of our pew models, have multiple options such as; solid wood construction, cushioned seats or cushioned backs, dozens of end styles and assortment of bookrack options.

St Dorothy Church. Wilmington, DE

Salve Regina College, Newport, RI

Straight Pews:   Straight pews are the most common and fit most traditional shaped buildings.  They allow for easy flow of traffic for communion and are generally the least expensive layout.

Basilica of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Baltimore, MD

St Brigid Church, Manhattan, NY

Mitered Pews:   Mitered pews are frequently used in old buildings that may have columns or posts that create a difficult alignment of the pews.  They also are used in pie shaped buildings when the budget does not allow for the radius pew layouts.

                St Malachy Church Manhattan, NY

                        "double miter"