Church Stained Glass Window Designs

Proudly serving churches in MA, CT, RI, NH, ME, VT, NY, NJ

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Egan’s works with only the most highly skilled designers and artists. They can help you
and your parishioners plan for the perfect style art to compliment your worship space. 
Traditional, Figurative, Modern, Abstract and Contemporary can be created in any size.
To help you get started, we have posted a small sample below of some of our recent 
projects. On the following page you’ll find a gallery of additional designs. If you don't see 
something that fits your needs, contact us. We have hundreds of designs that we can send 
you to look at and gain new ideas from. Our artists are highly skilled and can help you 
create a custom design that’s perfect for your church.

Traditional and Modern Style Church Design

Our team of stained glass window artists are available to create any size, any style and any theme for your church stained glass windows. We employ six world-class artists, each trained in different style of stained glass art.  We also employ two structural engineers to review each design for proper structural integrity – a must for new stained glass window installation. A beautiful design is of little value if it is not properly engineered to withstand building issues such as wind load, building stress and frame size.  Thos. P Egan Inc. is an authorized representative for Bovard Stained Glass Studio. All images shown are property of Bovard and used with permission shown above are several examples of our studio’s restoration of Tiffany stained glass windows. Tiffany, LeFarge, Sullivan, Zettler and other stained glass works of art require a superior restoration team for repairs. Our studio has vast experience in historical and specialty stained glass restoration.  Tiffany and LeFarge created many stained glass designs with multiple layers of glass that provide a significant challenge to dismantling and re-installation. Do not trust Tiffany and LeFarge stained glass restoration to just anyone. Make sure they are experienced and have the skill to do the job correctly. At Egan, we are highly-skilled in Tiffany and LeFarge restoration.