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Church Repair and Restoration Brightens up St. Mary's Church and Sanctuary

05 Jan 2012

Posted by Joseph Coupal

The pastor of St. Mary's Church in Uxbridge, MA, Rev. Steven LaBaire, called Jim Egan looking for ideas to brighten up the church and sanctuary.

After deliberation and review with Egan's artists it was agreed that with a limited budget, the best place to start the church restoration would be to clean and paint the Reredos with gold highlights to help add some color and brighten up the sanctuary.   It was also decided that we would remove the first 3 rows of pews to allow easier egress between the nave seating and communion stations at the sanctuary step.  
Egan Church Furnishings and Restoration’s flooring and sanctuary restoration craftsmen installed a new marble floor. Egan's Foreman worked with Father Steve in selecting the best marble tile to match the red oak furnishings and existing color tones in the sanctuary.  
In an effort to work with minimal interruption to the parish mass schedule, Egan's team arrived on a Sunday evening with the materials and tools needed to start work first thing Monday.  In one week we removed the existing carpet in the sanctuary, removed the three rows of pews across the front of the nave, removed the existing wood sub-floor, and repaired the structural beams under the sub-floor.  

We then installed the new 1/2" plywood sub-floor across the sanctuary and aisles, cleaned the church and had the church ready for services the next weekend.
After the weekend services, we returned and installed a new marble floor; 1500 sq ft of new 18" x 18" marble tile. Additionally we created wood steps up to the altar stained to match existing red oak in the sanctuary.  The installation of the floor and the clean up of the church was completed in five days.  
Father Steve: "The entire Sanctuary is so much brighter and looks outstanding.  The flow of communion is so much better for the elderly, Marko ( Foreman) is a real artist and craftsman, your men were outstanding. Egan’s was able to complete the work, match the colors, have the church clean each weekend and you were finished in two weeks. Everyone loves the changes!”   

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