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Custom Created Religious Statues for Your Church or Institution

11 May 2012

Posted by Joseph Coupal

Egan’s Church Furnishings and Restorations is your best and most complete solution for new custom designed religious statues.

Take a look at the photos of a new custom designed 72" St. Francis Xavier solid Carrara marble statue. This marble statue was commissioned and delivered to Laureate Clinic & Hospital in Tulsa, OK (a division of the St Francis Health Care System).
The Laureate Clinic & Hospital asked Egan’s to assist in creating a new outdoor marble statue of their patron saint, St Fancis Xavier.  They submitted a picture of St. Francis  from a catalog.  After consultation with our studio in Italy, Egan’s was able to quote the price for a 72" custom, hand carved marble statue.  

The hospital’s statue donor was pleased with initial design and the price we quoted.  After the hospital placed a 10% deposit, we had our artist in Italy sculpt a clay model of what the full round sculpture of St. Francis Xavier would look like. (Clay models are used so clients can ask for alterations, which can easily be done with the clay material before carving the actual marble).

After the clay model was reviewed and approved, we sent a “rough cut” picture to the customer. After a few minor changes were made, the final design of the St. Francis Xavier marble statue was commissioned and created.
A picture of the finished marble statue was emailed to The Laureate Clinic & Hospital prior to crating in Italy and shipping.  The statue now stands at the main entrance and greats all patients and family members as they come to the hospital for assistance.

If your church, hospital, University or place of worship is in need of marble, wood, or bronze statues, contact Egan’s Church Furnishings and Restorations.

Church Renovation Remodeling Project in Manhattan

15 Dec 2011

Posted by Joseph Coupal

Church renovation remodeling or building a church addition can be an expansive and stressful project. Egan’s Church Furnishings and Restorations would like to make that project easier. We are a provider of church furnishings, such as wood, bronze and marble statues; communion bread, collection baskets, church candles and communion ware.

But what’s more, we have experience in restoring and remodeling churches in New England, New York and New Jersey. With an expansive portfolio, Thos. P Egan Inc, Church Restorations brings a full team of experienced church artists and crafts people to every project. Here is a project we are working on in Manhattan, NY.

Our Lady of Good Counsel Church, Manhattan:
The scope of work for this church restoration project consists of repairing all of the damaged plaster in interior of the church. We helped advise the pastor and building committee on new color schemes and adding decorative painting so many of the church walls.

We will commence painting the interior of the church using multiple types of decorative painting including, gold leaf, and faux marble effects. You can see in the above image, the section of church painting we completed is on the left and the painting that we have not yet begun is on the right.

But oil painting restoration is also part of what our specialists do. We have been enlisted to clean and preserve five beautiful 25’ tall oil paintings on canvas.

Additionally, we are installing new metal kneelers to all of the church pews.

But the interior of the church is not the only part of Our Lady of Good Counsel that is being restored. As specialists in new stained glass window designs and stained glass restoration, we replaced the exterior protective coverings over the existing stained glass windows.
Estimated completion date of this project is March 30, 2012. This date includes stoppage of work for the holidays and any expected delays.  

Let us make it easier for you to furnish and refinish your church, contact Egan’s Church Furnishings and Restorations.

Nativity Scenes and Statues for Christmas

23 Nov 2011

Posted by Joseph Coupal

Egan’s Church Furnishings is a family owned church furnishings and restoration business. Are you getting your church or place of worship ready for the holiday season? For Fontanini Nativity Sets direct from Italy, that are hand-made and hand-painted to the finest details.
Since 1908, the House of Fontanini has created magnificent old-world sculptures and nativity scenes treasured by worshippers the world over. Today, the fourth generation of the Fontanini family runs the house of Fontanini and upholds the family tradition of pride in detail.

Breathtaking in detail and workmanship, Fontanini Nativity Sets are beautiful lifelike figures and historically researched structures that will bring you back in time to Biblical Bethlehem.

Also available are the Demetz Nativity Scenes.  The Demetz Art Studio is located in the Northern part of Italy, at the heart of the Alps. Demetz is the leading industry in creating outstanding, beautiful wood carved statues of ecclesiastical art and nativity sets.
Fontanini and Demetz nativity scenes are renowned throughout the Christian world. These nativity sets adorns some of the most impressive buildings around the world, and are made for both indoor and outdoor use. For information or questions on our nativity scenes, contact Egan’s Church Furnishings and Restorations. And remember, all of our nativity sets have free shipping throughout the continental United States!

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