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New or Replacement Frames

New, Super Energy Efficient Frames For Your Worship Site!

New or Replacement Frames


with our new “patented energy saving frame”.

This new energy saving frame by our stained glass studio, was designed to combine proper venting of your stained glass and maximum energy savings.

What’s different? Our frame offers an internal venting system to keep moisture from building up between layers of the stained glass and insulated glass.

This keeps warm air in and cold air out!

The competition vents to the outside of the building.

This allows cold air to bypass your insulated glass making it inefficient!

Several clients have reported saving 25% off their energy bills in one year by choosing our frame!.

Available in aluminum as shown or in Mahogany for replacement of historic frames.

Call us to get more information on this revolutionary design so you can add it to your bidding specifications.

New or Replacement Frames New or Replacement Frames

Our in-house wood shop can create any style or shape frame for your church.

New or Replacement Frames New or Replacement Frames

Our team of frame experts can create almost anything you can image. Above: 2 wood framed skylights with self contained light boxes (to simulate natural light) in the lobby of the Hersey Entertainment Complex, Hersey, Pa.

New or Replacement Frames New or Replacement Frames

Old rotted wood frame

New energy saving aluminum frame

Above: Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Malverne, New York asked us to help with replacing the rotted wood frame on their rose window. Our team of stained glass experts, removed the rotted frame, releaded the stained glass and installed our energy saving aluminum frame.

If you are planning a new church or expanding / renovating your present church, contact Egan’s Church Furnishings at the very beginning of your planning to find out how we can help with our full team of experts.