Church Stained Glass Frame  Repair and Restoration

Old age, weather damage and poor upkeep can be incredibly damaging to stained glass
windows. Poorly installed protective coverings can also be a cause of major damage to 
historic stained glass windows. Unvented stained glass protective coverings tend to trap 
moisture between the layers of glass which leads to wood rot in the frames, oxidation of 
the lead in the stained glass and overheating of the glass itself causing bulges and cracked 
glass. With proper care and expert church stained glass frame repair and restoration, old 
and damaged stained glass windows and frames can appear new again.

Poorly installed lexan Trapped water marks Rotted wood from moisture
Poorly installed lexan
Trapped water marks
Rotted wood from moisture

Before: Old and yellowed lexan is trapping water on the inside of the stained glass 
windows’ protective covering and rotting the wood frames. Discolored protective coverings 
are unsightly and also cause a lot of damage by rotting wood frames, causing rusted steel 
frames and oxidizing lead in your stained glass windows. Poorly installed coverings like 
these need to be replaced to stop irrepairable damage your frames and beautiful stained 
glass windows.

After: Egan’s team of stained glass restoration and frame repair experts removed the old lexan and used epoxy consolidation material to repair all rotted wood. (Severe frame rot may require a new frame). Our stained glass restoration professionals then cleaned out the cracked and missing putty, re-caulked the entire frame and finished with a two-coat 
application of Sherwin Williams Duration brand paint.


Stained Glass Frame RepairTo complete the stained glass repair project and protect the stained glass and the frame from future wood rot, our team installed all new aluminum perimeter framing by Bovard Stained Glass Studio. This patented ventilation system allows a small amount of air to circulate between the layers of glass, keeping it dry and rot-free.  

Unlike our competition, Egan’s Church Furnishings and Restoration will bend the aluminum framing to match the original frame design to restore the beauty of your original stained glass window frame design.

For the last step in the stained glass repair process, a new thick UV protected lexan is installed.  This lexan won’t fade or discolor with the sun and can withstand most storm damage or vandalism – keeping the integrity and heritage of your churches’ stained glass windows intact.