A stained glass church window is unlike any other window, and church stained glass restoration requires  a very specific set of skills in the art of stained glass restoration.   The production of stained glass by adept artisans dates back many centuries, and there's a resurgence in its popularity even today as we continue to admire the beauty and talent required to craft a stained glass window.  Unlike your ordinary window, a stained glass window does not allow people to see outside, but instead controls incoming light while telling a story in stained glass pictures.  Does your church's or synagogue's stained glass tell parishioners a story in pictures that heightens their worshiping experience?

Church Stained Glass Window Restoration By Egan's

Every stained glass window in your house of worship is a treasure.  Stained glass restoration and stained glass repair is an art form in itself, and few perform as well as Egan's Church Furnishings & Restorations.   Egan's team of stained glass restoration experts  addresses every restoration project with an appreciation and respect for the original artist's work.  They are the professionals that you can trust with any stained glass restoration or repair project, no matter if it's large or small scale.  Egan's has a complete, state of the art stained glass studio where their professionals restore and repair church stained glass from start to finish.  Egan's offers more stained glass services than any other, proudly serving the Northeast region of the United States since 1965.

The Stained Glass Restoration Process

Egan's has an unparalleled process for stained glass restoration and repair in their turn-key studio.  Even if you require the delicacy and skill of historic stained glass restoration, Egan's has the team to perform no-lead historic restorations with an artistry that will amaze you with exacting results.  Their team follows the standards and guidelines of the Stained Glass Association of America (SGAA) to ensure proper preservation of your stained glass church windows.  Egan's team follows a rigorous process when restoring or repairing your church stained glass windows.

  • Photographic Documentation

  • Several Copies of Tracings

  • Disassembly

  • EPA Approved Lead Disposal

  • Replacing Missing Glass

  • Touch-Up Damaged Painted Glass

  • New Lead Installation and Assembly

  • Replacing Stained Glass

  • Reinstallation

Begin Your Stained Glass Restoration Today

Take some time to review the gallery of photos on the Egan's website and you won't be disappointed.  Don't hesitate to turn to the professionals at Egan's Church Furnishings & Restorations and let them give you guidance on your stained glass window restoration or repair project.  Their years of experience and team of experts can reassure you that the quality and beauty of the finished product will preserve the beauty of your stained glass church windows for generation of worshipers to come.

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