"All Stained Glass Windows, when covered by protective glass, must have a ventilation system to prevent heat buildup and  moisture buildup between layers of Glass"*

*1996 National Preservation  Society , study of stained glass windows.      

Images below:    This is a good example of how when protective coverings are installed without any type of ventilation, moisture will develop between the protective glass and the stained glass.  You can actually see the water streaks that are on the inside of the protective glass that is trapped and is creating multiple problems such as: wood frame rot, mold buildup, lead oxidation and overheating of the stained glass (the heat buildup causes the stained glass to expand further than designed, causing bulges and stress cracks in the glass).   

 stained glass frames     stained glass repair  stained glass repair                                stained glass protective glass  stained glass repair

 Trapped water between layers of glass.   Wood rot and lead oxidation resulting.                             Sealed covering glass caused bulges in glass from over-expansion.

The solution is our patented perimeter framing system which can be retro fit to almost any size or shape window.   This perimeter framing is extruded aluminum with built in, durable vent openings, set into each section of each window.  Several at the bottom and several at the top ( 2 vents per every 16 sq ft of glass surface as per National Preservation Guidelines).   This patented system for venting stained glass is not available through any other of your local firms.

In addition to offering the most complete venting for your windows, our patented perimeter framing is designed to meet any major wind load for hurricane protection, regardless of what part of the area your facility is from.  90 mph, 110 mph or even 150 mph (new Florida code after Katrina).  Another benefit is that we offer your choice of what the protective glass material will be:   Plate glass, laminated glass, tempered glass, lexan or plexiglass.       NEW PRODUCT NOW AVAILABLE!    1/2 THICK INSULATED GLASS UNIT ( IG unit) is available for many site but may not fit stone framed windows.


                                  stained glass protective covering          stained glass prtective coverings            stained glass protective glass             vented protective coverings

        Above photos:  Perimeter framing in place.            Bottom vents                                        Side vents                                    Top vents.

stained glass protective glass

                                                                Finished Project:   Orient Congregational Church, Long Island, NY.  110 MPH WIND HURRICANE PROTECTION

                              stained glass protective coverings   vented stained glass                

    Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Middletown, Ct.   Beautiful historic windows were being damaged by moisture buildup and the historic brownstone sills and frames were cracking from the moisture freezing in winter, causing the stone to "flak" and break off.   Our team also restored all the stained glass windows for this important preservation project.

   Note how the perimeter framing is "bent to fit" the shape of the window frame.  No unsightly "tic tac toe" grids that distort the beautiful frames in your church.    Our perimeter framing is available in 2 standard colors, white or bronze but our studio can custom color the aluminum to help meet any parish or historic committee needs.

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