As mentioned on the previous page, moisture that is  trapped between layers of protective covering materials is the major cause of stained glass window frame damage.   The first step in correcting this is of course to remove the offending protective covering.  After the coverings are off, a careful examination of the wood in the frame is undertaken.    Our crafts people will then suggest the best possible solution to any wood damage repair.  If the wood is rotted, then there is usually only 2 possible solutions; epoxy wood consolidation or complete frame replacement.



   Photos above:  Our wood worker applies the first coat of epoxy consolidation material to a damaged window sash.  The epoxy is a very viscous (super thin) liquid epoxy that soaks easily into the damaged wood.   The epoxy then fills in any damaged pockets and soaks the surrounding wood.   Once dry, the epoxy becomes just as hard as the original wood.    The dried epoxy is then hand sanded to match the original profile of the wood.    See photo above right for finished sample.

   After the wood and epoxy is sanded, the final coat of epoxy sealer is then applied which make the wood more or less impervious to further water damage.   It is then ready to be painted.    Epoxy consolidation materials will then expand and contract at the same rate as the original wood, so there will be no pressure on the frame materials as the wood continues to age.


Above photos:   Left:  Channing Memorial, Newport, RI.        Right: Holy Name Church,  NY, NY

   The photos above show our epoxy wood repair, done no site at several historic sites.   Larger sized frames cannot be brought to the shop, so the work is done on site.  After the epoxy work is completed, the window is re-puttied and painted.   The final step of course is to install new, properly vented protective coverings.  It is important to understand "how to vent a stained glass window" so you don't have more wood damage.

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