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Solid Oak Pews at Egan Church Furnishings and Restorations

Pews are one of the most visible aspects in any church – and solid wood pews are a beautiful option that will draw the eye and are built to last. Solid wood pews may have a larger upfront investment, but wood pews are built to last for a hundred years. Solid wood pews also add a huge visual impact to your church. Since pews are a focal point in your church, you’ll want to make sure they are constructed from high quality materials, are comfortable and are beautifully made.

Solid wood  Pews

One of the best ways to add value and beauty to your church is with new church pews. Since pews are used so frequently, they can fall into disrepair. Making the investment in new church pews is making an investment in the comfort of your congregation and can help attract new members. Solid wood church pews from Egan's Church Furnishings are constructed from solid oak that is sustainably grown and provides unmatched quality, strength and beauty.

New church pews constructed from solid oak not only spruce up your church interior, but also provide a smooth and comfortable seat for parishioners. Unlike flimsy particle board or composite pews, solid oak church pews from Egan's Church Furnishings won’t break down over the years – they will last and last. These days, it can be hard to find this type of handmade quality, but these solid oak church pews are hand-crafted in a time-honored tradition, harkening back to a time when quality was valued and guaranteed.

Pew Refinishing:  

If your church pews simply need an update, there are plenty of options, such as staining or new pew upholstery, that can help make old church pews look and feel brand new again. Pew restoration is a great option for those solid wood pews that are still structurally sound but might need some freshening up or improving. Some issues that church pew restoration can fix include scratches or chipping on the pews, replacement of padding on kneelers or total replacement of church pew cushions, including the foam and upholstery.

A talented church pew restoration team can also provide maximum improvement on even a limited budget, including repairing church pew cushions without removing them – which saves time and money. If your church has historic church pews and you want to preserve them, there are many options available for restoration that won’t affect the integrity of your original church pew.

 Church Painters

Looking to improve your church? Painters, craftsman and restoration experts that work exclusively with churches are a rare find – but they can all be found at Egan’s Church Furnishings and Restoration. At Egan’s we work with expert craftsmen and top-notch suppliers to provide service, value and beautiful results. If your church is in need of restoration work, church painters, solid wood pews, church pew cushions, church window frames or stained glass restoration or repair, call the professionals at Egan at (508) 842-7200. To learn more about Egan’s solid wood pews, visit our pew gallery.