Church Pew Cushions - Reversible style

Egan’s Church Furnishings offer very low priced,  highest quality reversible  church pew cushions for your church. Our cushions are all made with high density foam (choice of 1 ½ in. or 2 in. thickness) in either nylon or velour fabric (custom fabrics available upon request).  In addition our cushions are made with welt cord edges to help prevent "frayed" edges where normal friction causes the fabric to wear more quickly.   We also offer "tufted buttons"  which help keep your cushions shape through decades of use.

Reversible church pew cushions are our most popular model of cushions because of their versatility.    Your parishioners develop "a favorite seat" in your church.   Just like your home furniture, these favorite sitting areas get worn more quickly.  The reversible pew cushion can help.  By simply flipping the cushion over, you can double the life span of the cushion.   In addition, you can rotate the cushions around the church (if your pews are all similar sizes) which adds further to the life span

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Reversible Cushions

Church pew cushions - reversible style. 

 Deeply Discounted prices.

High density foam core for superior comfort and longer wear. Nylon or velour fabric, with welt cord edges (prevents frayed edges) and available with the tufted button option helps keep their shape as they age).

Numerous color and fabric patterns. We feature "Sherpa - Shire" fabrics but many others also available.  Custom fabrics also available.

Lower priced than most church supply catalogs.  Prices are based on total quantity.   Send us the sizes of the cushions needed and the quantity, and we will quote a price that is noticeably less than most competitors.

National service.

Call Egan’s Church Furnishings to help with your pew upholstery project. If your pew cushions are ripped and torn or simply “worn out”, call Egan’s to order new cushions for your church.

Egan’s also offer “fixed cushion service” to convert your wood pews to cushion pews. This option is less expensive than reversible cushions but reversible cushions offer the flexibility of “flipping them over” or rotating them throughout the church.