Preservation refers to the conservation and protection of stained glass windows, and Egan’s Church Furnishings and Restorations is the company to perform this important task.    The beauty of stained glass windows is that, they not only provide a striking visual for worshipers, but many of them also tell a story or are meant teach a lesson to the congregation.  Many worshipers are moved by the sight of stained glass church windows, and some of those windows may be 100 years old or more.  Stained glass windows are a treasure within your sanctuary, as well as an investment in the integrity of your church structure.

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Why Preservation?

Stained glass church windows are too important an entity not to be properly maintained.  It makes good sense to take the necessary routine maintenance steps to preserve the composition and structure of the stained glass window before it requires major repairs.  Although it is a piece of artwork, when your window issues are beyond ordinary maintenance issues special upkeep restoration and preservation may be needed.  In this case, special upkeep is needed, and only a skilled craftsman can be trusted to do this specialized job.   The team of professionals at Egan’s has the qualifications to meet the challenge.


Stained Glass Preservation with Egan’s

Stained glass preservation, repair, and restoration is an art form in and of itself, and there are few who do it as well as Egan’s Church Furnishings and Restorations.  Egan’s is a family owned   and operated business, serving the Northeast region since 1965.  Their team of stained glass experts has the proven experience to assist you with any and all aspects of stained glass window preservation, repair, or installation.   Egan’s preservation techniques can extend the life expectancy of your stained glass windows.  

  • Are there bulges or areas of buckling in the window?
  • Any pieces of glass cracked or missing?
  • Is there a sense of wood rot or damage to the frame?
  • Does your protective glass have any damage panes?
  • Are your ventilation opened and closed properly?


Don’t hesitate to contact Egan’s and preserve your stained glass windows now and prevent larger repair and restoration challenges in the future. Browse through our gallery gal and you’ll be impressed with the results of their premier workmanship.    When you speak with Egan’s   you’re speaking with a company who cares about your artwork and your investment; and cares about partnering with you to preserve your all of your dazzling stained glass windows.