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            Egan’s Church Furnishings are proud to be the East Coast Representative for Ratigan Schottler Church Furniture Company.    Ratigan Schottler Mfg. is a family owned business that has been producing only the finest quality church furniture for 72 years.   Started as a custom wood furniture company, our product line has expanded to include numerous “standard model” pews and furniture, while still offering the custom capacity to meet your needs.


Choosing the type of pew body should be your next key decision.   

            There are a number of very comfortable types of pew bodies to choose from to meet you worship needs.   The length of your normal service and frequency should be the primary factors in making your choice.

wood pews church pews church pews
Solid wood pew with wood seat and back Cushioned pews with cushioned seat with wood back Cushioned seat with cushioned back.

Solid wood seat and back.   Our solid wood seats and backs are contoured for maximum comfort while attending services.  The old uncomfortable “flat seats” are a thing of the past.    Solid wood offers maximum durability.   Just like your hardwood floors, solid wood can be refinished over and over again for the life of the pew.

Cushioned seats with wood back.   Probably our most popular model pew body, with a 3 inch thick high density foam seat cushion.   Your parishioners will be extra comfortable even during longer services.

Cushioned seats with cushioned backs.  If your masses or services last over 2 hours, this is the better choice.   3 inches of high density foam on the seat and 1 inch of high density foam on the back.  Multiple choices for the fabric selection.


Ratigan Schottler millwork capacity can create almost any type of pew end you may need.

            Ratigan Schottler has dozens of standard style pew ends, all made from 100% solid red oak, for your church.   Our custom capacity allows us to make minor modifications to “tweak the design” for you or our design team can create a completely custom end model.

            We use only “first and select, solid red oak” (or other hardwood) to insure this critical structural component.  Your pew ends hold approximately 75% of the entire pew weight and need to be made of the most durable materials.  No veneers, no particleboard.

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Samples of our standard model pew ends.


Choosing the accessories you may need to complete your pew design.

            Ratigan Schottler Mfg. offers many choices to adapt your pews for specific needs.  Kneelers, bookracks, communion cup holders, etc.   All are made from the finest quality materials and made to last.

metal kneelers
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Wood or metal kneelers. Continuous bookracks.