New York Church Painting

Egan Church Restorations have a full team of plaster repair and painting experts to renovate or restore any church or temple in the State of New York.  Church painting usually involves historic sites that need a true "church expert" rather than a simple commercial painter.   In addition, it is important to understand the worship needs of the congregation so you can help choose changes in the color schemes to compliment their services.

Plaster repair: All church painting work begins with repairing any damaged plaster.   Old age can cause simple cracks to develop from ordinary expansion and contraction of the plaster over decades.   Water leaks from the roof or windows can also contribute to damaging the plaster and if water damage occurs, replacement may be necessary.

The work begins by cleaning any loose plaster from the cracks.   After this is complete, we fill the cracks with new spackling compound and then apply tape over the crack.   Finally a finish coat of plaster to match the original as best as possible is applied and then sanded.

Water damaged plaster usually has to be replaced.  Once wet, it gets "mushy" and cannot be repaired.   We remove the wet plaster.  We then attache a thin wire mesh to the wood lathes to act as a foundation for new plaster.  We use a mixture of "structolite" which is a blend of plaster and cement.  This offers a lighter compound with great strength.

Finally we apply 1 layer of primer paint before applying the final coat of paint.