Replacement Metal  Kneelers, Kneeler Repairs - CT, MA, ME, NH, NY, NJ, RI, VT

Egan's Church Furnishings have numerous options to assist you when the church pew kneelers are damaged and need repair or replacement.   Depending on the issues involved, we can supply new high density pew kneeler replacement pads, new mounting brackets or complete replacement with either metal kneelers or wood kneelers.

Egan’s Church Furnishings are proud to be the East Coast Representative for Ratigan-Schottler Church Furniture Company. Ratigan-Schottler is a family owned business that has been producing only the finest quality church furniture for 72 years.

 Metal Replacement Kneelers

Solid Oak Replacement Pew Kneelers           

Our metal replacment kneelers are far superior to the competition. Mr. Ratigan, designed this tubular style frame in order to provide our customers with a superior quality, longer lasting aluminum replacement kneeler.   This tubular model framing is stronger and less prone to bending.

In addition, Mr Ratigan designed and fabricated a much heavier, steel mounting bracket which is 3 to 4 times stronger than the pressed aluminum bracket from the competition.   Since the brackets are the first part of the kneeler to need replacement, ordering your replacement metal or wood kneelers with our heavy duty bracket, can help eliminate expensive, unnecessary repairs later. 


Every church has different sized pews and as a result, different sized kneelers.   In order for Egan's Church Furnishings to offer a quote for your consideration, we would need you to measure and count the kneelers throughout the church.    If you need assistance to measure your pews, we can supply a "How to measure Pew Kneelers" instruction sheet.   Please click on the link below to download this instructional brochure.


    Send us the kneeler sizes and quantities and sizes and we will provide our best price possible.   If you need the quote to include shipping charges, please include your address, especially the zip code, for accuracy.

    Installation or do it yourself.   Egan's can offer installation of your replacement kneelers or your staff or volunteers can do it on your own.   If you wish to do it yourself, the kneelers will be shipped with a template for setting the pew mounting brackets on the left and right.  Once you set the first kneeler, repeat the position using the template throughout the rest of the church.

    No matter what your vision is for your church, Egan’s and Ratigan Schottler Furniture Company can create it to bring a reflective, prayerful feel to your site. Egan’s and Ratigan are the only domestic furniture suppliers that can bring all types of Marble, Granite and hardwood furniture for the Altar/Chancel area to match the pews or chairs in the main church

    Ratigan Schottler Replacement Kneelers:

    Pre Certified to meet or exceed all standards as set by the AWI!

     Certified—Renewable forest lumber only

    Egan’s and Ratigan Schottler offer only the finest quality metal or wood replacement church kneelers for your church.