Fixed Pew Cushions



Egan’s Church Furnishings upholstery team can come to your church and recover your existing cushions, or completely replace the foam and then recover your cushioned pews.

Fixed Pew Cushions Fixed Pew Cushions

Above: Egan’s upholstery team assisted St Joseph’s Church in Leicester Ma to add comfort to their historic pews. Structurally sound, but quite uncomfortable, Egan’s installed new 2 inch thick seat cushions which made these pews much more comfortable without loosing the beauty of their historic church. .

Fixed Pew Cushions Fixed Pew Cushions

Above: Egan’s assisted St Anthony of the Desert in Fall River, Ma with their complete interior make over. The pews were structurally sound, but the parish wished to “change the look” without the cost of new pews. Egan’s upholstery crew added 2 inch thick cushions to the seats and 1 inch thick cushions to the backs with a nice nylon fabric to compliment the new carpet.

Our upholstery team can also recover your other chairs and furnishings. All new cushions are also available as well as reupholstery of kneelers (limited to New England).

Call Egan’s Church Furnishings to help with your pew upholstery project. If your pew cushions are ripped and torn or simply “worn out”, call Egan’s to bring them back to “like new” condition.