Church Nativity Sets from  Demetz Studio

Egan's Church Furnishings are proud to present the finest quality church nativity sets  in fiberglass from world famous, "Demetz Studio"   Demetz Studio has been creating church nativity sets and other religious statues for many generations and have created numerous "works of art" for the Vatican   Demetz Studio uses  original wood carvings as models for their fiberglass nativity figures, so there are simulated "chisel marks" like the original wood carved figure.   All church nativity  figures are then hand painted by world class artists. 

These church nativity figures  are also available as wood carved figures (contact us for pricing on wood carved figures).  Start creating your collectable crèche by ordering the starter set of the Holy Family and Gloria Angel  and add more figures at any time.


Demetz 1902 30 inch Nativity

  • Demetz Nativity # 1902 Stable for 30 in set

    Product Code: 1902/30/S
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    Demetz Brand  Stable # 1902/S To fit 30 inch figures. 72 x 48 x 24 Direct from world famous "Art Studio Demetz" in Italy. 

    Demetz Nativity # 1902 Stable for 30 in set