Religious Statues, hand carved wood sculptures.

Wood carved statues are the most popular style of materials for | church statue | s.  Our artists are 5th generation | wood carver|s from the mountains in Italy, who have learned their craft from their fathers and grandfathers.  Egan's Church Furnishings offer numerous brands of | wood carved statues|, including;  | Demetz Studio |, Moroder, Dolfi, Pema, Enri and others, all from the mountains of Italy.

Wood carved statues | are considered "works of art" since each one is hand carved.  Although the wood carver will use a model to create each piece, he must work with the wood, which have minor variations from tree to tree or block to block.  The artist also, being human, simply hit the chisel slightly different each time, causing deeper or shallow cuts in the wood.

Religious Statues in Marble

|Hand carved marble statues| are one of the worlds oldest art form, dating back to ancient Rome.   This art form had its renaissance during the middle ages when Michaelangelo created his masterpieces such as the "Pieta" and "David".   

 Our marble  statues are created from "carrara marble" from northern Italy.   This marble is ideal for carving |marble statues|, because of the lack of "veins" in the stone. The lack of veins allows for beautiful faces without the distorting effect which would look like a scar or cut on their skin.  In addition, carrara marble has the right amount of softness and hardness to allow the carvers to cut the stone, while it remains stable and very durable material for outdoors.