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In Bakersfield, California, one church is paying over $10,000 to repair damage caused by vandals. Stained glass windows valued at over $25,000 were destroyed when vandals threw cement blocks through the church's stained glass windows. Reparations to the delicate windows are estimated to cost the church $10,000 - money which was previously earmarked to replace carpeting and make much needed repairs to the old building that houses the St. George Greek Orthodox Church.

Parishioners are understandably upset by the senseless damage and unexpected expense. They plan to install protective stained glass window coverings on all windows once the repairs are completed to prevent future damage. Because stained glass windows are so easily damaged, many churches are choosing to protect their assists with protective coverings to avoid damage from storms, accidents, and vandalism.

Protecting Your Church Building

Some churches choose to carry property insurance that covers the cost of accidental breakage or vandalism, but the reimbursement process can be tedious, especially if police reports are filed when vandalism is involved. the damage to beloved stained glass windows can also be very disheartening to the church's congregation.

Protecting the integrity of your church's stained glass windows can involve installing protective coverings, carrying adequate property insurance, and installing a security system to deter vandals. You can also report cases of vandalism or loitering to your local police department and request to have patrols increased near your church to further discourage vandals.

Has your church experienced vandalism? What steps have you taken to help limit damage without shutting out the community? There is a fine line between security and exclusion when it comes to the church, and deciding how to handle acts of vandalism can be a difficult decision for your church. Including your church in your community watch program can help, as can attending community meetings to make neighbors aware of the issue and discuss possible courses of action. While you may not be comfortable offering a reward for information about vandals, talking to the community can help discourage future acts of property damage. Your local police department or sheriff's station will also have tips to help you keep your property safe and secure without locking down the property like Fort Knox.

Keeping your church safe and accessible to the community can be a challenge. Egan's Church Furnishings and Restorations can help you recover from acts of vandalism and we can also install protective coverings for your priceless stained glass windows. We repair and replace damaged stained glass windows, repair plaster, do decorative church painting, and repair and replace church pews and kneelers. Religious statutes, pew cushions, and chancel furniture are also items we provide for churches along the eastern seaboard and in New England. Contact us today for more information or to request a project quote. Our family has been in service to local churches since 1974. You can view examples of our past work in our gallery.

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