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Many worshipers have been touched by the sight of stained glass church windows as a visual first impression when they enter the sanctuary.  The process of coloring glass was probably invented in ancient Egypt, but it was during the Middle Ages that they became an important feature of Gothic Style churches.  The wider windows of the Gothic architecture allowed for the rise in stained glass demand.  Artisans of the day would blow the glass into varying forms and sizes. Pieces were then cut into smaller fragments and sorted into a particular design.  As the artistry advanced, certain details were painted on the glass pieces so that gestures and clothing could be represented.

What was their purpose?

Certainly the beauty of stained glass windows within the church walls is mesmerizing, as light streams through and dances upon the colors of the glass. Perhaps you have admired them in your own house of worship, or have been lucky enough to visit some of the famous examples like the stained glass church windows in the Notre Dame de Paris, Sainte Chapelle cathedral

The beauty of the stained glass church window is not only to enhance the worshipers spiritual experience, but also to serve an educational purpose.  Especially in the original cases when there were no bibles or books available, the windows became an important teaching tool in depicting Christian bible scenes and lessons.  Therefore, the most intricate stained glass scenes are not just simple decoration, but in fact are an earthly piece of glass, elevated into something more divine.


Stained glass church windows are too precious an entity not to be properly maintained.  They are too important to the integrity of the church building and represent religious beliefs fashioned as art, in order to comfort worshippers during prayers.  Aesthetic beauty does matter in the worshiping experience.  

Upkeep and protect the windows as valued pieces of art and as the focus of prayer.  Consult with Egan's Church Furnishings & Restorations for all of your stained glass window renovations.  Egan's team of expert stained glass restoration specialists follow the highest standards for preservation.  Review the careful and skillful restoration process that they follow.  Browse through their gallery of completed restorations and you will be impressed. 

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