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New Stained Glass Window Frames Save On Energy Costs

12 Apr 2013

Posted by Joseph Coupal

Did you know:  By Changing the stained glass window frames in your church, you can save thousands of dollars every year in energy costs! O.L.  of Lourdes, Malverne, NY.   See the above images for an example of "before and after"  we replaced the stained glass window frames.

When considering stained glass window repairs, you should give serious thought to also replacing the frames.   Our new “super energy efficient” stained glass window frame with insulated glass is getting rave reviews from pastors, architects and facility directors for the incredible reduction in heating and cooling costs!    Some churches have saved 25% or more on energy costs!

The additional cost to replace an average frame is minimal enough that it pays for itself in no time in energy savings.   The above frames cost $ 4,000 ea. for removing the old wood frame, making the new frame and installation.  Our shop can make any shape, any size in either aluminum as shown or wood (for complex frame details).

Some Roman Catholic Diocese are now encouraging pastors to give this concept serious thought to help prepare the church for the future and provide a maintenance free frame for the life of the church.

Contact Egan's Church Furnishings and Restorations or call Bob or Jim Egan at 1-866-829-2106 for free consultation about your stained glass windows or for more information about our super energy saving frame design. 

We also offer other window services:  Frame painting, protective covering replacement and  stained glass repair.

Bring New Life to Old Stained Glass Windows in Your Church

07 Feb 2013

Posted by Joseph Coupal

Many older or historic churches in the Boston area have beautiful stained glass windows. In an attempt to preserve these windows, many churches had lexan applied years ago believing that this would protect the beauty and integrity of the stained glass.

However, in most if not all cases, this old lexan is yellowing and trapping water inside of the protective covering and rotting the wood stained glass window frames of the stained glass windows. Discolored protective coverings are not only unsightly, breakage.

The trapped water also allows steel stained glass window frames to rust and oxidizes the lead which holds together the stained glass. To stop damage to your frames and beautiful stained glass these poorly installed coverings need to be replaced.

Our team of window frame restoration experts at Egan’s Church Furnishings and Restorations remove the old lexan, and use epoxy consolidation material to repair all rotted wood. We replace the wood frames on windows with severely rotted wood.  We then will clean out all cracked and missing putty, re-caulked the entire frame and then apply 2 coats paint.

To protect the stained glass and the frame from future wood rot, our team installs all new aluminum perimeter framing by Bovard Stained Glass Studio. This new patented ventilation system will allow a small amount of air to circulate between the layers of glass, thereby keeping it dry and free of rot.

Unlike the competition, we will bend the aluminum framing to match the original frame design to restore the beauty of your original frame.

For more information on our stained glass frame repair process, contact us.

Church Stained Glass Windows Design and Restoration

07 Jan 2013

Posted by Joseph Coupal

The stained glass windows in your church are unique contributions to the atmosphere and esthetics of your place of worship. Stained glass windows with colors, intricate designs and life-like details make a welcoming atmosphere for your parishioners.
Breathe new life into your church by designing new or restoring existing stained glass windows. New stained glass windows or repairing stained glass windows create a space where  people can come to admire them and be lifted up and to pray.

Love your church. Keep its tradition. Maintain its peace and spirituality.  Stained glass windows are designed to make a church that feels welcome and warm, creating a beautiful place that really moves parishioners.

For information on designing or restoring stained glass windows, contact Egan’s Church Furnishings and Restorations.

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