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How To Update Your Church Pews

15 May 2014

Posted by Bob Egan

How to Update Your Church Pews

A congregation is essentially like a family that is welcomed into a house of worship every week. And just as with any guest visiting your home, their comfort is of utmost important, as is the visual appeal of your church furnishings. Just as with guests in your home, congregants want to feel welcomed to worship in an inviting atmosphere, and the look and comfort of church pews go the furthest to make that possible.


As early as the 13th century, stone benches began to appear against the back walls of English churches. By the 14th century, they were replaced by wooden benches and were moved from the walls into the nave of the church. Then in the 15th century they were considered a necessity in every church, and some congregants actually owned their own family pews.

The Modern Pew

Pews today may be constructed of solid wood and left bare, or fitted with cushions, or contain bookracks for storing bibles, prayer books, and hymnals. Some may even provide storage for headsets for those worshipers who are hearing impaired. Most pews are permanently attached to the floor, or to a wooden platform.

Time to Update Your Church Pew

Maintain pride in your house of worship by updating its pews. Refinishing and or reupholstering your church pews is a very important part of any liturgical project. It makes perfect sense to update your existing pews, and not just for economical reasons. Consider these factors:

  • Your pews may have historic value
  • The pews' shape echoes the architecture of the sanctuary
  • Solid wood pews are valuable in today's dollars
  • The pews are still structurally sound

Options: Refinish and Re-Upholster

Church furniture refinishing is a step by step process that is proven to yield excellent results when performed by a skilled restoration professional. Once the pew is stripped of its finish to bare wood, it's carefully repaired if there are any cracks, finely sanded if there are rough or uneven spots, and then refinished with the highest grade products to enhance the beauty of the natural woods.

If your church pews are cushioned, and those existing cushions are worn or torn, then reupholstery is a smart option. On the other hand, if you have solid wood pews, and you'd like to add pew cushions, that too is an excellent update option.

Trusted Professionals

Updating your existing church pews brings a new welcome to any congregation, and new pride in their place of worship. Trusted professionals like Egan's Church Furnishings and Restorations, in business since 1965, are ready to assist you with pew refinishing and reupholstering. Egan’s Church Furnishings also have the option to offer new pews, if you prefer. A family owned and operated business is the right one to trust with your church family's decor.

Solid Oak Church Pews For St. Malachy Church, Manhattan

16 Nov 2012

Posted by Joseph Coupal

Father Richard Baker at St. Malachy Church in Manhattan had contacted Egan’s Church Furnishings and Restorations to assist him with the renovation of his church.  As part of this renovation, he wanted to improve the comfort of his church pews and improve the "sight lines" to the altar.   

We met with him numerous times and worked out a new floor plan design that included our most comfortable, all solid oak church pews.   This included a contoured seat that adds significant comfort and also has the durability of solid oak.
To help his parishioners to better to see the altar area for various services in the church, Egan’s recommended using "mitered pews" which would eliminate most of the "obstructed view seats" which parishioners had complained about.  The angle of the pews was chosen individually in order to work around the large support columns which had caused the obstructed views.
Father Baker commented "the parishioners are quite impressed with how much more comfortable the new pews are."
For the greatest durability, Egan's Church Furnishings and Restorations features all solid oak construction for our church pews.  No veneer finishes.  No particleboard.   All Solid oak construction is recommended by the AWI (Architectural Woodwork Institute) as the best choice in materials.
Free onsite consultations and quotes provided.  Free assistance with floor plan layouts are also available.

Ratigan-Schottler Church Pews and Chairs are the Right Choice for your Church

22 Feb 2012

Posted by Joseph Coupal

Ratigan Church Pews and Pew Ends:   Ratigan uses two 1 inch thick “First and Select red oak “ pieces of solid oak, glued together, to form a 2 inch thick pew end.  By using two pieces of top quality oak, the church pew end is guaranteed against warping and ensures the best support for the pew bench.

Our solid oak church pews and church chairs are all contoured for maximum comfort or choose our 3 inch thick upholstered pew cushions instead. We can also provide an all upholstered seat and back for your church.

Ratigan- Schottler does not use any laminates for their church furniture because to ensure that the pews in your church look fantastic for years to come. On church pews, especially on pew ends, laminate is easily damaged from cleaning and maintenance work in the aisles!

Ratigan-Schottler has been producing only the finest quality “all solid oak” church pews for over 72 years. No veneers, no particleboard or other manufactured materials. Only real, top quality solid wood, and the all solid oak is “First and Select”.

The expert craftsmen at Egan’s Church Furnishings and Restorations can work with your architect or parish building committee to create any style church pew to enhance your worship site. We have dozens of standard style pew ends to choose from. We also have a limitless capacity to create a custom look for your church pews just like you see here in the Basilica of the Assumption in Baltimore, MD and the Chapel at Salve Regina University  in Rhode Island.

For more information on solid wood church pews and chairs for your church, contact us.

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