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Tips for Updating Your Church

15 Apr 2014

Posted by Bob Egan

Tips for Updating Your Church

When it comes time to update your church, it can be difficult to decide where to focus your budget. Most churches choose to either focus on function or comfort when updating their church. Let's take a look at both.

Updating Your Church for Optimal Comfort

If you want your congregation to spend more time at church, pay attention to sermons better, and have fewer interruptions during church, investing in comfort can help you achieve all these goals. To increase the comfort level of your church, consider investing in:

  • church pew cushions
  • informal seating such as couches, upholstered chairs, and accent tables
  • updated heating or air conditioning
  • energy rated windows
  • video screens in large sanctuaries for better viewing
  • bathroom amenities like hand lotion, large stalls, and an audio freed from the service in progress so nothing is missed while taking children for a diaper change or making a quick visit to the bathroom
  • comfortable breastfeeding space for mothers
  • special parking spaces for families with children with special needs, and expecting or new mothers
  • special assistance equipment and consideration for handicapped and elderly visitors like valet parking or assistance with doors
  • changing tables in men's rooms for fathers
  • meeting rooms with whiteboards, audio visual equipment, and comfortable seating
  • adjustable lighting for prayer services and solemn occasions

While investing in any area of your church is always a wise stewardship of funds, choosing which areas to focus on requires evaluating the needs and values of the current congregation along with the needs of the community and future church members. It's important to also consider the priorities of your community as your future church leaders and church growth will come from this group of people.

Egan Church Furnishings and Restorations provides many invaluable services that will help you update your church, including church painting, church statues, stained glass window repair and restoration, and church pulpit furniture. Call us today for more information, (800) 440-1202.

Virtual Tours of Famous Church Murals

13 Mar 2014

Posted by Bob Egan

If you're a fan of church history, you're sure to enjoy some of the most famous church paintings in history.

Tour the Sistine Chapel

Sistine Chapel

Arguably the most recognized and famous of church paintings is Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel. The iconic images depicted in this historic Catholic church are included among the Vatican's most treasured possessions.

With the marvel of modern technology, you no longer need to save for a once in a lifetime trip to the Vatican to see these wondrous paintings. The Vatican has now made these art treasures available all over the world with a Virtual Tour, available on the official Vatican website. With a few clicks, you can experience the Sistine Chapel in 3D as you tour the murals at your leisure.

Italy and the Vatican in particular are overflowing with examples of classic religious paintings. St. Peter's Basilica is also well known for its religious statues such as the “ Pieta” and “ David” and other examples of religious artwork from famed artist Michelangelo. You can take a virtual tour of the Basilica online.

Frescoes discovered in Catacombs of Priscilla of Rome have recently been featured in news articles when some used the images depicted in the paintings as proof that early Christians allowed female priests to minister to the masses. The Vatican, however, has officially stated these images as fairy tale women priests. You can view the images yourself as featured in UK news articles.

St. Nicholas Parish Croatian Religious Painting

Sistine Chapel

The beautiful paintings at St. Nicholas Parish in Pittsburgh, PA are another classic example of the ability to view breathtaking religious painting from the comfort of your home. The paintings depict religious scenes from Croatia painted on the parish's walls.

The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine in New York is also a goldmine of artistic religious expression. While most who have visited this site recommend visiting the cathedral in person, you can view pictures submitted by other tourists online from Yelp.

The Cathedral of Saint Joseph in Hartford, CT is a popular tourist destination as well. This beautiful example of religious architecture is a testament of how stained glass windows and carvings can combine to create an elegant and reverent environment for worship.

The Cathedral and Museum of Religious Art of Lima, Peru is featured online as a center of religious artwork. With relief carvings, religious statues, murals, and decorative pillars, this building is chock full of religious scenes.

And if you still haven't gotten your fill of religious artwork, there is delightful Web Gallery of Art available to view online. Here, you can take a guided tour, purchase prints of the artwork, or order your very own oil painting to feature in your own sanctuary.

Religious art is a deeply rooted part of our history and our future. To keep your church's paintings and religious statues in pristine condition, call Egan's Church Furnishings and Restorations for a free consultation, (800) 440-1202.

Church Repairs and Renovations with a Manageable Budget - Boston

05 Oct 2012

Posted by Joseph Coupal

Every church wants to be welcoming, keep their parishioners happy and attract new parishioners. However, often churches suffer from tight budgets which lead to tightening the belt in one area in order to address another.

Churches and places of worship are hard to maintain. Budgets are tight and mass schedules must continue. Collections cannot stop as a result of church renovations. Churches are expensive, often historic, and there for public use, make managing those budgets even more difficult.

When you need interior church renovations, it is of the utmost importance to choose a contractor you can trust and who can work within your budget. Even more important is a church renovations company that understands that masses and services cannot be interrupted. As a church renovations company with vast history, Egan’s Church Furnishings and Restorations knows and is dedicated to churches.

Our contractors are well learned in the art of historic church restorations, and all of our contractors work solely in the church business.

Egan's Church Furnishings and Restorations can help you create a manageable church renovation budget to help you begin your church renovations project. Contact us, we can even give you an estimate in stages.

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