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Egan windowes are rated for 90MPH winds.

90 M.P.H wind load is our standard model of protective coverings for stained glass windows.   

Unfortunately, hurricanes and winter storms are getting more intense and destructive. Super Storm Sandy was  a clear example of these more destructive storms we need to anticipate.  Sandy caused noticeable damage to beautiful stained glass windows in the northeast with heavy winds and flying debris.

Egan’s Church Furnishings and Restorations offers one of the highest quality and strongest protective covering systems for stained glass protection.  Our standard model of coverings has been engineered to meet a wind load of 90 mph.   We also offer upgrades to 110 mph and even up to 150 mph wind load.

Now is the time to upgrade your stained glass window protectionHurricane season will soon be upon us again and who knows what we will face this year.   Bob or Jim Egan will be glad to meet with you, at no charge,  to review your window protection and offer advice to help you plan the proper level of protection.  In addition, we can advise you on any frame or stained glass repair that may also be needed while the protective glass is off the windows.

Contact us to arrange a free consultation about upgrading or adding protective coverings to your stained glass windows and avoid costly damage.  Call toll free ( 1-866-829-2106 ) or send an email to:  to arrange a convenient date to meet.

Other services available:  Stained glass frame repair—frame replacement for energy savings—Replacement ventilators with built in screens--Stained glass repair—new stained glass and more.

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