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Maintaining a Traditional Church in a Digital World

If you've visited several churches in your community, you may have been shocked by the wide variety of church styles in operation today. Many churches today embrace a modern approach to worship with stackable church chairs, commercial locations, contemporary worship styles, and casual clothing styles. But today's modern church often lacks that comfortable reverence and respect that is so prevalent in a traditional church setting. For many traditional churches, finding a tolerable balance between the modern and tradition is a never-ending struggle.

Many traditional churches prefer to keep the church building as it has appeared for generations with a sanctuary containing a pulpit, pews, and a central isle. Stained glass windows, church statues, and religious items such as traditional collection baskets, communion ware, and religious artwork are also staples in the traditional church. However, some churches have chosen to partially embrace modern conveniences by adding church pew cushions, larger bathrooms, valet parking, energy efficient heating and cooling. Still others have opted to incorporate sound systems, video screens, and an occasional contemporary worship service. Some churches have found balance by offering a traditional church service early on Sunday morning, and a contemporary service later on.

The key to finding your own balance while maintaining your commitment to a traditional church is to learning to embrace a trial and error approach. When instituting new features, let your congregation know the new features are present on a trail basis. Set a specific period of time for your trial and then consult your church board, constitution committee, or congregation to evaluate if the features should continue. If a trial feature turns out to be a flop, you'll have a better idea of what direction your church growth is currently heading. If a feature serves the church well and is embraced by the congregation, everyone's experience with the church can be enhanced by continuing with the modern addition.

Modern Additions that Won't Affect Your Traditional Church (much)

While change can often be difficult, it is necessary for growth. Some modern changes your can make to your traditional church without breaching the integrity of your traditional approach are:

  1. adding a church website
  2. upgrading your church parking
  3. investing in youth programs
  4. creating outdoor meeting and worship spaces for small groups and individual use
  5. adding amenities for creating a wedding-friendly venue to draw in additional church income (Consider adding photographic backdrops and scenery, restoring your stained glass windows, and advertising your church location as a wedding venue.)
  6. updating the paint colors or flooring in your church

You can make small changes in your traditional church without losing your traditional approach to worship and discipleship. For more information, call Egan Church Furnishings and Restorations for services like stained glass window repair, church painting, and church pew updating and repairs. Call toll-free, (800) 440-1202.

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