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Believe it or not the Easter Season is quickly approaching. As you get your church and sanctuary ready, don’t forget about your Paschal Candles.  At Egan’s Church Furnishings & Restorations, many of our paschal candles have free shipping; those that do not are 10-15% off.

We are a Will & Baumer authorized dealer and can provide guidance to churches on the purchase and care of your paschal candles.

Will & Baumer guarantee the quality and burn time of each of their church candles. Let Egan’s advise you on which candles best suit your needs and tastes and guide you through the many possible combinations available. The Will & Baumer brand represents the best quality church candles in America.

Our Paschal candle is a  the large, white candle with vivid color used at liturgy in the Western Rites of Christianity for Roman Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran, and other services. Enjoy these beautiful and vividly colored Paschal candles that are blessed and lit every year at Easter, and enjoy using them throughout the Paschal season and throughout the year on special occasions.

For more information or for custom sizing, contact Egan’s Church Furnishings and Restorations.

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