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How to Protect Church Stained Glass Windows

Protecting your stained glass windows is an important part of maintaining your church building. Your stained glass windows are a big investment, and keeping them protected from damage helps protect your investment as well as save you money over time.

Correcting Poorly Installed Stained Glass Protective Coverings

Many parishes have incorrectly installed protective covering that were quickly put up in the 70’s to help save heat. What no one realized back then was that “stained glass protective coverings must have a ventilation system (air flow)” to prevent moisture buildup between the layers of glass. This moisture will rot wood frames, rust steel frames and vents and cause damage to stone frames. In addition, the moisture will oxidize the lead in the stained glass window.

The National Preservation Society funded a study that found “ more damage has been done to stained glass windows from unvented protective coverings, than all the fires, storms and vandal damage, combined,”!

When considering any stained glass window frame painting project or stained glass repair project, serious consideration should be given to replacing the protective coverings with new materials (choice of: plexiglass, plate glass, laminated glass or lexan) with a properly installed venting system.

How to Protect Church Stained Glass Windows

One of the best ways to protect your stained glass windows is by installing a protective covering over your decorative church stained glass windows. This protects your stained glass windows from breakage from rocks, tree branches, storm debris, and vandalism. These protective coverings can also help to decrease damage to your stained glass windows due to UV rays, pollution, and exposure to acid rain. Installing stained glass protective coverings over the outside of your stained glass windows does not affect the window's natural light nor the look of the artwork displayed on your windows. The same level of natural light is still let into your church, without affecting the integrity of your windows. Stained glass Protective coverings are one of the best ways to protect your stained glass windows and is recommended for all stained glass, old and new.

Further, for coastal parishes, we have certified “hurricane code” stained glass protective coverings for wind loads of; 90 mph, 110 mph or even 150 mph. Since hurricane Katrina, many insurance companies are now requiring coastal parishes to upgrade their stained glass protective coverings to prevent storm damage in future “super storms”.

NEW! Stained glass protective coverings with an “Insulated Glass Unit”

Egan’s now have available a stained glass protective covering system with insulated glass (2 layers of glass-like an Anderson window). This new stained glass protective covering system can be easily retro-fit to most wood framed windows, whether stained glass or simple clear glass. Now any fixed stained glass window or other windows in your parish property can be upgraded to help save big dollars in heat and energy usage.

Egan’s Church Furnishings have the skilled craftspeople to assist your parish with almost any frame repair and protective covering replacement. Call (800 440 1202) or email us ( ) for more information or to set up an appointment for a free consultation and quote.

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