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Churches, chapels and Christian schools and universities need quality church supplies at competitive prices, with superior customer service. Egan’s Church Furnishings and Restorations promises just that for Christian Parishes nationally.

All churches are facing tight budgets and revenue issues. But all parishes need communion bread, church candles, collection baskets, communion ware and church supplies. We understand that you parish requires and deserves high quality at competitive pricing.

Could your parish benefit with lower prices on church supplies?  Is your parish being punished with high freight charges? Egan’s is committed to your parish.

Communion bread - Carefully baked under strict liturgical guidelines with flour and water only. The edges are sealed to prevent crumbs. Our case prices for communion bread is priced substantially lower than other wholesale church suppliers. Available in bags, boxes or jars. Compare our discounted case prices with what you are paying annually.

Why pay more for Church Candles? On all beeswax altar and sanctuary candles, or Lux Mundi oil candles you receive case pricing discounts.

Remy Brand handmade church collection baskets are made from round reeds, light weight and strong and lined throughout. Our Collection baskets are easy to order.

If there are other church supplies you need that you don’t see listed on our church supplies website, contact Egan’s Church Furnishings and Restorations.  Remember, each order is handled personally by Jim or Bob Egan.

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