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Egan's Church Furnishings and Restorations is proud to show you our latest church furniture project.  Father John Ronaghan, St Ann's Church in Quincy, MA, was planning a church basement renovation to utilize this space for daily mass and church meetings.  Egan's Church Furnishings was chosen as the furniture contractor to assist with the assorted items needed to create this new daily chapel including, a new custom designed altar, custom tabernacle stand and tabernacle enclosure, custom presider seating, new stackable wood church chairs for the congregation and portable kneelers.
All of the above furniture was created by Ratigan Schottler Church Furniture from solid red oak.  Solid red oak furniture has proven durability and beauty.   Another benefit of solid oak church chairs is avoiding the common problem of "wobbly legs" over time.  Our church pews and chairs are never made from veneer materials or particleboard.
Call Egan's Church Furnishings and Restorations to help with your church renovation, church construction or building project.   We will be glad to visit with you to discuss your needs and prepare a proposal for your consideration.   In addition to our personal service, we can help you to divide your project into separate small projects within the contract to create an efficient and well run building project that is easily budgeted. .
Contact us to set up a convenient meeting time to discuss your church renovation project.

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