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Church Restoration Options

Is your church building looking old, tired, and well-worn? Church restoration is becoming a lost art in today's world of disposable everything. There's no need to call in the wrecking ball or strip your church to its naked frame and start from scratch. You can preserve the traditional features your church has boasted without sacrificing the things you love about your church building.

Stained Glass Windows: Repair, Restoration, Frame Repair, Protection, and Creation

One of the featured highlights of your church building is often stained glass windows. But stained glass windows take special care, and without regular maintenance, damages results. Egan's Church furnishings and Restorations offers award-winning stained glass window repairs and restorations. We can breathe new life and health back into your existing stained glass windows to make them glow like brand new.

Your church's stained glass windows have probably been the backdrop for hundreds or even thousands of weddings, and through restoration, you can keep your windows looking great so generations of families can feature those same beloved windows in their own wedding pictures, creating priceless memories and family ties that help to strengthen your church. Encourage that sense of belonging by restoring your windows and following up with regular expert care from Egan's.

Decorative Painting for Churches from Egan's Church Furnishings and Restorations

Decorative painting is found in fewer buildings as we move into a contemporary age that values technology and personal freedom over religious reverence. Decorative details often help create a sense of awe and inspiration in your church, and restoring those delicate details is important to keeping the traditional look of your church building. But finding a decorative painter with experience in restoring church paintings is difficult, risky, and often expensive. That's why churches all along the eastern seaboard choose Egan's Church Furnishings and Restorations for the painting restoration of their own treasured church buildings. We'll complete the job while showing the proper respect to your church and your church's possessions.

Restoring your church can help bring renewed interest from the community and can help energize your congregation. Restoration activities can also help increase the property value of your church, and your community. At Egan's we can help you invest in church without destroying your church's past. Through restoration, your church can regain some of its original beauty without suffering drastic changes.

Egan's Church Furnishings and Restorations can help you restore your church through replacing worn or broken pews and kneelers, restoring and repairing stained glass windows, and reviving decorative paint details and interior and exterior painting. The experts at Egan's can renew and refresh your church building. From church statues to stained glass windows, Egan's has everything you need to keep your church looking its best. Call us today for a free quote, (800) 440-1202.

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