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How Does a Fresh Coat of Paint Affect Your Church?

Decorative painting and stained glass windows are hallmarks of many churches in the Northeast U.S. These extra touches create a sense of reverence and worship not found in modern or storefront churches devoid of religious symbols and decorative touches. But what do you do when your church's decor begins to fade, crack, or peel due to age and weathering? You call in a church painting project expert.

Egan's Church Furnishings and Restorations specializes in bringing your church's decorative painting back to life. Your church painting project can be completed in phases so there's no need to cancel, delay, or relocate church services. From gold leaf capitols to murals and wall painting, a fresh coat of paint can benefit your church in many ways.

Benefits of Investing in a Church Painting Project

When your church gets a fresh coat of paint, it's like breathing a breath of fresh air into your congregation. You'll experience renewed excitement, attendance, and interest. When those in the community see you are investing in your church building, they will also show renewed interest in your church. Church building improvement show that your church is alive and vibrantly growing and serving the community.

Touching up church murals and restoring decorative painting can also help increase the value of your church building. Adding a fresh coat of paint or decorative painting can increase the value of your church. You may also qualify for a larger church mortgage should you decide to expand or renovate your current property.

Your church can experience renewed revival and interest, simply from a restorative painting project. If your church building looks old and stagnant, your congregation can begin to reflect those same qualities, as well. For examples of Egan's skilled artists' work in churches in North East U.S. churches, view our painting gallery.

We can help you restore your religious statues, ceiling and wall murals, decorative paintings, reredos, alcoves, and general interior and exterior painting. We provide free consultations and estimates you can take to your church board for approval.

Repairing your church artwork not only expresses your love and respect for your faith, it expresses your dedication and commitment to your congregation. Investing in a church painting project is always worth the monetary cost when you examine the non-financial rewards. If you have a questions regarding your church's restorative paint needs, please call the experts at Egan's Church Furnishings and Restorations. We're happy to answer your questions and hear your concerns about your church painting project. Call us toll free, (800) 440-1202.

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