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Project: St. Joseph – St. Lazarus Church

Owner/Developer: St Joseph – St. Lazarus Church East Boston, Ma.
Restoration team: Egan’s Church Restorations Shrewsbury, Ma.North Kingstown, RI

On Monday, October 21st, the Boston Preservation Society's "2013 Preservation Award" was given to St Joseph St Lazarus Parish and Egan Church Restorations. This preservation award is given in recognition of the work to restore St Joseph's to its original beauty.

Erected in 1922 for a congregation of primarily Italian immigrants, St Lazarus church suffered from significant water damage, previous poorly done repairs and changes in the 1970’s to the original building. . The parish community bemoaned its deterioration and disrepair, but rather than give up and risk having their church closed, they opted to tackle the problem.

Egan Church Restorations met numerous times with Rev. Miroslaw Kowalczyk and the parish council, to investigate the original designs and discuss and analyze options for possible repairs and budgets. With reasonable budgets in hand, Father was able to to go to his parishioners, who willingly got behind this project and raised the needed funds to begin work. The restoration of the church is a testament to the resolve of the parish community and of the importance religious properties hold to neighborhoods.

Egan Church Restorations assisted in the complete restoration of the church by bringing in a team of skilled specialist to address all the major issues.. Their teamwork included repairing water damaged plaster and restoring decorative artwork in the ceilings, arches and walls. The work also included replacing water damaged carpeting and returning the flooring to pre 1970 original marble tiles.

Egan’s other work included repairing and refinishing the hardwood floors, pews, kneelers and the religious art of the church. Without ever interrupting weekend religious services the interior was successfully fully restored – from sacred paintings to frescoes and statues to the pews.

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