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            Egan’s Church Furnishings have a full team of woodworkers who can assist your parish with almost any wood refinishing or pew refinishing project you may be considering.  Custom mill work, reredos, organ enclosures, wainscoting and of course pews, are all refinished and repaired to preserve your beautiful church furniture.  


     Egan's Church Furnishings have a full team of wood restoration experts who can assist your church or synagogue with repairing, resizing and refinishing your existing pews.   We have the ability to do simple refinishing with the pews left in place to save the expense of removing and reinstalling the pews or we can remove them for more involved repairs and full restoration.

                                               Before:  St Katherine,   Boston                                                                                             After:  St Katherine,  Boston.

 The pictures above show our recent project at St. Katherine Drexel in Boston, Ma.     The old, solid oak pews had many years of simple scratches and dings from an active congregation.   As part of a floor and pew refinishing project,  our team moved all the pews so we could refinish the hardwood floors underneath.  We then reinstalled the pews but with more comfortable spacing and did a complete refinishing to restore the original beauty to their pews.

As part of the project we also replace the old ripped kneeler pads and finally, removed the worn aisle carpets and installed new marble tiles.


PRESERVING HISTORIC ALTARS:  Our Lady of Lourdes.   Wellfleet, Ma.

This old, ornate altar was removed from a closed chapel and sat in the rectory basement for years.   Egan’s team of furniture refinishing specialist, removed the altar and assorted other components to our shop, where we completely refinished this altar and applied gold leaf.

Our woodworkers used some of the extra parts to create a new baptismal font and ambo for the new church constructed in 2009

 PEW REFINISHING:   Blessed Sacrament Cathedral.   Sacramento, CA.

            Blessed Sacrament Cathedral had badly damaged pews with splits and cracks in the seats and backs.  Ratigan Schottler crafts people however, were able to save the beautiful pew ends.

Our team removed all the pew ends, repaired and refinished them, then created all new seats, backs, supports and kneelers and attached them to the historic ends.  This allowed the cathedral to maintain its original character but add comfort (new seats were contoured) and structurally sound pews.



            Egan’s team of pew refinishers can help repair and restore your church pews to allow decades more use of old solid oak pews.  Our team can repair splits and cracks, sand to a smooth finish, re-stain and apply polyurethane to preserve the finish.

            Our team can remove the pews to our shop if needed or refinish in place.

Example # 1:     St Marie’s Church.   Manchester, NH

Egan’s team of pew refinishing specialists assisted St Marie’s Parish with a complete interior “make over”.   As part of this complete interior renovation, our team stripped, repaired, sanded and refinished the beautiful solid oak pews.

No matter what your vision is for your church, Egan’s Church Furnishings Company can create it to bring a reflective, prayerful feel to your site.   Egan’s are the only domestic furniture suppliers that can bring all types of Marble, Granite and hardwood furniture for the Altar/Chancel area to match the pews or chairs in the main church

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