Plaster Repair, Church Painters and Complete Interior Church Renovations

                                        Our church painters service religious communities throughout the northeast including, NY, NJ, CT, MA,  RI, NH, VT and ME.

Egan's Church Furnishings and Restorations bring a full team of church restoration experts to assist you with all aspects of the repairs at your church.  These include: Plaster repair,  church painting, gold leafing stencil designs, faux finishes, mural cleaning and repair and consultation on color schemes.  Our artists can also assist with repairing and repainting historic plaster statues and stations of the cross.

     St. Marie's Church. Manchester, NH - Egan's Church Furnishings and Restorations were hired to complete all of the church painting work at St. Marie’s Church that you see below. Simple old age had caused the plaster to become brittle and cracked and the beautiful decorative paint work to be dirty and faded.
    Our team of church restoration experts met with the parish building committee and helped develop a workable budget for repairs and restoring their church to its original beauty.  Our artists worked closely to make minor changes in the colors while preserving the original artwork to "brighten up" the interior.
Decorative Church Painting
Church Painting
Decorative painting
Gold leaf Capitols
Church Painters
Church Painter
Decorative reredos
Painting without scaffolding 
saves money!


                Of special concern to the parish during the interior renovation, was the ability to continue to use their church for weekend services.   Egan's team are experienced in this need to continue worship.  Our team planned the interior work so that each Friday, we would clean all work areas and move equipment so the parish could have  the church for the weekend.       

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