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Plaster repair, Church Painters and Decorative Church Interior Renovations.

Egan’s team of church painters  have been helping churches throughout the northeast US to repair damaged plaster, repair or add decorative artwork and assist with modifying color schemes to enhance your worship service and restore your church for the future.   On the various pages  on our website, we show a number of previous projects to help demonstrate our skill an ability in all aspects of church interior renovation.   Plaster repair, church painters, murals and mural cleaning, light fixture rewiring, pews, flooring and all aspects of complete church interior renovations. 


Egan's Church Painting

Above and below:   Our Lady of Good Counsel Church, Manhattan, NY

Egan's team of church painters and church renovation experts assisted Our Lady of Good Counsel with preparing their church for the parishes 100th anniversary.  Our church painters provided the project manager with multiple options for changing the color schemes throughout the church and providing small samples of various decorative finishes for review before beginning.


Our plaster repair experts worked throughout the entire ceiling and side walls to repair old and flaking plaster as well as water damaged plaster from roof leaks.  After all the plaster was repaired, our church painters then went to work to complete an entire "make over" of the interior of this beautiful church.

In addition, our artists were able to spot repair the large "oil on canvas" paintings on the walls behind the altar.   


Egan's plaster repair        Egan's Church Restorations

Sanctuary --Before                                                                                        Sanctuary ---After 

Egan's plaster repair       Egan's plaster repair

Upper Church Walls --Before                                                                 Upper Church Walls --After

When you are in need of expert church painters and are planning an interior renovation, call Egan's Church Restorations for free consultation, free quotes and the highest skill and professional church painting work.

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