Church Painting - Interior & Exterior

Proudly serving churches in the northeast including, NY, NJ, CT, MA,  RI, NH, VT and ME.

Egan's Church Furnishings and Restorations bring a full team of church restoration experts to assist you with all aspects of the repairs at your church.  These include: Plaster repair,  decorative painting, gold leafing stencil designs, faux finishes, and consultation on color schemes.


  • Phased interior work to avoid  interruptions to services and collections.
  • We do plaster repair and paint walls and stenciling.
  • Restore existing paintings and artwork.
  • Faux painting and stencil painting.
  • We can paint with gold leaf if desired.
  • Painting and restoring churches in New England, New York and New Jersey since 1965.

St. Marie's Church. Manchester, NH - Egan's Church Furnishings and Restorations was hired to complete all of the church painting at St. Marie’s Church that you see below. The pictures say it all.

Decorative Church Painting Church Painting
Decorative painting Gold leaf Capitols
Church Painters Church Painter
Decorative reredos
Painting without scaffolding 
saves money!

Egan's Church Furnishings have a full team of church painters and renovation specialists to assist with your church renovation.  Plaster repair, decorative painting, gold leafing, stencils and more.